Good Morning and Welcome to St. Mary’s Church!

Many thanks to Bonnie Phelps for the gift of a lovely plant in the chapel space in the rear of the Sanctuary. Thanks, Bonnie!!

10% is Enough! A campaign of Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, our community organizing effort allied with Manhattan Together, is beginning a campaign to bring back usury laws. These laws, restrictions on interest rates, were repealed in 1980, and this repeal contributed great deal to our current financial crisis. We have other limits for responsible behavior, such as speed limits on our highways. We hope to bring back these financial limits to stop the financial speeding and recklessness that characterizes our modern banking system.  We had a great kick off for the 10% is Enough campaign. St. Mary’s Church was very well represented. Take a flyer from the back table to learn more about this work!

New Life in Harlem: We have started a new Church, Thanks be to God!!: This afternoon at 2:00 pm Ecclesia Ministries of New York will continue a new, outdoor church in Marcus Garvey Park, 2:00 pm every Sunday. St. Mary’s Church is taking responsibility for August 2nd, August 16th and August 30th. We provide the lunch for the “Second Meal.” If you are interested in helping out, please call the church office. For more information about Ecclesia and the Marcus Garvey Park Church, please call Father David Madsen, (646) 753-1771.

Stewardship: Please keep your pledge up to date during the summer if you are planing to be out of town. Also, if you have not yet made a pledge to St. Mary’s Church, please prayerfully consider doing so. By our pledges and participation in our common worship together, we support each other and the entire ministry of our parish, serving Christ together as the body of the Faithful. Thank you for your past support of St. Mary’s Church and please keep your support constant in these difficult times.

Mariam, Mark and Marx: a monthly Bible study and current events discussion group will meet on Thursday (the last Thursday of the month), August 27th at 7:00 pm. All are invited.

Preaching Next Sunday: August 23th : Fr. Luis Barrios; Sunday August 30th : The Rev. Earl Kooperkamp; Sunday September 6th: The Rev. Earl Kooperkamp. Rev. Kooperkamp will be out of town for the next two weeks. If you need to reach him, please leave a message at the Church Office.

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