We Are Not Afraid Community Resource Center, Inc .

St. Mary’s is pleased to announce the creation of a new non-profit to help us support and manage our many programs for the community! We have filed our Articles of Incorporation, and are in the process of gaining 501C3 status. Let us know if you want to receive regular information about WANA!
Yes! I want to receive regular updates about WANA.

Learn more about WANA and the important continuing work of the RDJ Refugee Shelter on Wednesday, October 9, at 6:45 pm: “Changing the Narrative” Fundraiser with New York City Councilmember Mark Levine, a panel of immigrant entrepreneurs, and more at Columbia University Faculty House. Tickets!

What will change? What will stay the same?

Very little will change in our regular programs. As always, there is a warm welcome for all who walk through our doors!

The mission is familiar: to provide welcome, affirmation, connectedness, support, advocacy, opportunities for wellness, development and creative expression, and access to resources to people of all ages who are: A. Facing the debilitating consequences of poverty or economic hardship, including but not limited to food insecurity, housing insecurity, and lack of access to health care and/or B. Seeking safety and liberation from oppression and/or bigotry.

Our two primary programs will continue to be the RDJ Refuge e Shelter and the EW Food Programs (including Monday Pantry, Friday Movie Night and Saturday Outreach). We are excited to implement a new Poverty Alleviation Program in 2020 (more information later).

The people will be the same , though the scope of work is slightly changed (see new job titles below); Ameya Biradavolu and Edafe Okporo will work full-time with Mo. Mary Foulke as “the executive team.” The new Board of Directors (Lisa Slocum, Chairperson; Brian Cabezas, Vice Chair; Stephanie Harewood, Secretary; Dorothy Ross, Treasurer) will always be 60% members of St. Mary’s community, including two Vestry members.

Edafe Okporo,Director of Development & RDJ Shelter
Ameya Biradavolu, Director of Case Management & EW Food Programs