St. Mary’s is a learning community. Most recently we have engaged in Coffee Hour Conversations: about doctrines (who is Jesus Christ?), practices (how do we pray?), about social issues like addiction (how can we support recovery?) and the Black Lives Matter Movement (how does St. Mary’s perpetuate and resist the deadly legacy of racism?), and Bible Study (Gospel of Luke coming in March 2018!)

Check the calendar for the next learning opportunity, look for the yellow: here

An organizational change theorist, Peter Senge, advocates for learning communities because “deep down, we are all learners….Not only is it in our nature to learn but we love to learn. Most of us at one time or another have been part of a a great ‘team,’ a group of people who functioned together in an extraordinary way—who trusted one another, who complemented each other’s strengths and compensated for each others’ limitations, who had common goals, and who produced extraordinary results….Many say that they have spent much of their life looking for that experience again. What they experienced was a learning organization.”

Not everyone has had a positive experience of a learning community, some people even give up on learning, especially religious learning, because it has become too painful. No previous knowledge of the Bible or church is required, curiosity is strongly encouraged!

Ask questions, try on new patterns of thinking, and learn again how to learn together.