As part of our service to the community, St. Mary’s offers room reservations at affordable rates. If you would like reserve a room at St. Mary’s, please review the information below and email us at or call 212.864.4013.

PLEASE NOTE: We require ALL space use requests to VIEW THE SPACE AND SPEAK TO THE OFFICE IN PERSON before we confirm the booking.

Rooms available for reservations

(CH) Church Sanctuary
  • Max. capacity: 130 people
  • Cost: $100/hour
  • Great for Concerts & Performances
  • Great acoustics
  • Historic, intimate sanctuary
  • Convenient location
  • For AVAILABILITY see: St. Mary’s Church and Rectory Calendar
(PH) Parish Hall
(CR) Choir Room
(R101 + R102) Rectory 101 and Rectory 102
(R101) Rectory 101
(R102) Rectory 102
(U) Undercroft

Available on select Saturdays, check the calendar or call the parish office for more information. Please note that all events have to end latest BY 10:30pm)

max. 100 people

Cost: $100/hour, 6-8 hours $700 – $900 for parties

For movie holdings, please contact and

For AVAILABILITY see: Undercroft Space Calendar