Cultivating Resilience is a healing workshop for all of us who work too hard (whether we have a job or not) and give ourselves away to a greater cause, whether that’s our families and communities, or a vision of social and political change. This workshop is an opportunity to be guided in liberating movement and mindful self-care by trauma-informed yoga practitioner and educator Shri Diehl. 

This workshop is accessible for people with no prior experience with yoga, people with abundant bodies, and people with physical disabilities.

Monday, February 17th (Presidents’ Day holiday) 
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
St Mary’s Episcopal Church
521 West 126th Street, NYC
(Between Broadway & Amsterdam Ave.)

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The workshop is offered to the community as a gift.
Donations are welcomed but not required. 

About the Instructor: Shri Diehl 
SHRI DEVI DIEHL (credit: Third Root webpage)

Shri Diehl (she / her) is a constituent thought partner of Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn and an organizer of Brown Sugar Yoga, a monthly affinity group for black, brown and indigenous yoga teachers in NYC. Shri a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) and recipient of the Yoga Alliance Advanced Training Scholarship. Her additional training in trauma-informed wellness complements how she facilitates and uses hands-on adjustments. Her inspiration comes from the dedication of living yoga beyond the postures. She studied yoga and Ayurveda in Rishikesh, India, and has been teaching in cities across the United States since 2007. She gives much respect to her teachers who lovingly keep her heart in the space of being their student. She also greatly appreciates the invaluable lessons learned from her grandmother related to healing. Shri practices yoga to reaffirm body and spirit. She teaches yoga to hold space for others as they navigate their own journey of self-care.

This workshop is co-organized by:

Davíd Patiño and Cassady Fendlay. Davíd is a seminarian at Union Theological seminary and member of the St. Mary’s community. Cassady is a writer and organizer who dedicates her free time to Justice League NYC. 

Sponsoring orgs:
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, The “Be Not Afraid” Church
  • We Are Not Afraid Community Center (WANA)
  • Justice League NYC

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Do I need any prior experience with yoga? No, not only is no prior experience of yoga is required. You’ll be doing gentle stretching, movement and breathing, along with mindfulness exercises. No yoga mat is needed, but feel free to bring one if you prefer. 
  • What does ‘trauma-informed’ mean? Trauma-informed yoga is based on a particular understanding of how trauma impacts the entire mind-body system, and focuses on practices that build coping skills and resilience. Regardless of the source, trauma evokes a hardwired response which involves the body’s instinctual fight/flight/freeze pattern to help protect us from harm. Yogic practices have the capacity to cultivate the resilience that carries us through challenges, disappointments, loss, and traumatic stress.
  • Will this workshop ask me to dig into my past trauma? The workshop is designed to focus on yogic practices, gentle stretching and mindful movement, that help restore balance to an overstimulated nervous system and cultivate resilience to stress. The facilitators will not be asking participants to explore specific moments of past trauma. There will be opportunities for participants to share their reflections, and it is possible that people will choose to share memories that could potentially be triggering to others. However, it is our goal to create a safe container where people are not triggered but leave with an embodied sense of calm presence. 
  • What should I bring?  You may wish to have water to drink during this workshop. There will be filtered water available for those who bring refillable water bottles. Chairs will be provided for attendees, but if you prefer to sit on a yoga mat or meditation cushion, please feel free to bring it.