Learning & Growing

Children Activities

Movement, Art, Music, Fun and Learning 

October date tba: Pumpkin Giveaway
January 6, 2024:
Three-Kings Day Children's Toy Giveaway
March 30: Easter Egg Dyeing
May 19: Pinkster

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Sunday Learning

On chosen Sundays we explore a broad variety of questions and practices related to our individual and collective spiritual journeys: previous topics have included drug use & recovery, Jewish holidays, the impact of incarceration on families, liturgical seasons, racism & anti-racism, Muslim life, icon making, Buddhist meditation, glass blowing, self-care and pastoral care.

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Lenten Learning:

Embodied Word 
using our whole bodies to make art and understand the life of our Lord Jesus Christ better.

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Transformative Justice

"Transformative Justice seeks to provide people who experience/d violence with immediate safety and long-term healing and reparations while holding people who commit violence accountable within and by their communities. Accountability includes stopping immediate abuse, making a commitment to not engage in future abuse, and offering reparations for past abuse. Such accountability requires on-going support and transformative healing." 

St. Mary's offers an occasional series of Learning Circles to explore how to bring transformative justice to our community. Next series tba . For more information, please contact the Parish Office. 

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