St. Mary’s supports our community in a number of ways:

Food Pantry – Mondays 4:30 PM – 6 PM

St. Mary’ s Client Choice Food Pantry, staffed by church and community volunteers, serves up to 100 family units every Monday from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. People may select enough items for three days from various food groups, using a point system based on the number of family members. Those who use the pantry are under-employed, unemployed, or unable to work. They may visit the pantry once a month.

Each week from June to November we offer three fresh vegetables from an upstate farm, through cooperation with Just Food and the United Way. Clients can sample unfamiliar produce, and a trained community volunteer, who is bi-lingual, does regular cooking demonstrations.

Last year the pantry provided more than 35,000 meals to people of all ages, one-fourth children and one-fourth elderly.

Saturday Outreach Soup kitchen – 12 Noon-4pm

The Outreach Soup Kitchen serves 80 to 90 homeless individuals each Saturday afternoon. Teams of volunteers prepare bag lunches, including hot soup in the winter, and take them to people on the streets and in parks in Harlem. Volunteers and homeless neighbors become acquainted with each other, and information is shared about resources and services in the area.  DRIVERS WITH VEHICLES NEEDED EACH WEEK!

Free Health Clinic – Tuesdays 5:30 PM

The Columbia-Harlem Homeless Medical Partnership is a free medical clinic at St. Mary’s on Tuesday evenings. Medical students under the supervision of a physician and dental students under supervision of a dentist, perform physical exams, write prescriptions, and provide information about health resources. Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm; free medical clinic with dental consults 1st& 3rd Tuesdays, psychiatry 1st Tuesdays, occupational therapy 2nd& 4th Tuesdays. No ID required. For more information see visit the CHHMP website.

FRIDAY Movie Night @ St. Mary’s

Doors open for set-up at 5pm, Feature Plays at 6pm, Clean-up happens around 8 or 9. Free showing of box office hits and classic favorites, complete with popcorn, and a hot meal every Friday night. All ages welcome (parents, please check schedule for movie ratings).  Volunteers needed for equipment and snack set up, popcorn-making and clean up.  Come join us! Please check/click “Announcements” for movie of the week.

FREE FILMS!  FRESH POPCORN!  FREE FUN! ALL ARE WELCOME – JUST AS YOU ARE!  ¡películas gratis! ¡snacks gratis! ¡diversión gratis! ¡historietas a las 17:30, películas en 18:00 exactamente!

Robert D. Jones Memorial Shelter 

About Robert Daniel Jones, 1951 – 2012
If you are a refugee seeking shelter, please contact our intake coordinator at For more information visit the RDJ REFUGEE SHELTER website.

Free Mail pick-up @ St. Mary’s – Monday- Friday 10am -2pm

Use St. Mary’s as your mailing address. Sign up at the Church during office hours Monday – Friday 10AM – 2PM.

St. Mary Interfaith Community Groups

Refugee Arts Workshop Tuesdays at 7:15pm in the Parish Hall. For more information contact Lysander Puccio.
Miriam, Mark, Muhammad and Marx meets the last Sunday of each month for interfaith justice and peace activism and community. On second Thursdays, our agenda is hands-on work. We gather at 6:30PM to share food, experiences, feelings, followed by strategies for advancing the struggle.  For information call Jim White at 201-956-5356.

Recovery Meetings @ St. Mary’s

Narcotics Anonymous (We Have a Dream) Sundays at 7:30 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous Mondays at 12pm in the Rectory.
Narcotics Anonymous (Men Supporting Men) Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm.
Narcotics Anonymous (Convent Ave Group) Thursdays at 7:30 pm
Alanon (Harlem Harmony) Every Friday at 11 am.

Health & Meditation @ St. Mary’s

Martial Arts for Children and Adults Sundays starting at 3 pm. Led by Master Anthony Richards.
Urban Qi FIT – Tai Chi/Qigong Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10:00 am at St. Nicholas Park @135th Street. Inclement weather–meet in the Undercroft. (Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, free for St. Mary’s members). You can follow them at

Other Faith Communities @ St. Mary’s

Unity Fellowship Church of New York Sundays at 2:00pm. Led by the Rev. Deborah Rice.  Sr. Bishop Zachary Jones.
Metro New York Adventist Forum Led by Ms. Janet Schultz. Adventist Forum gathers on the second Saturday of the month (please check for specific dates).

16 thoughts on “Community Outreach

  1. Good Evening

    My name is Jinny Rodriguez I am mother of Adrianna Rodriguez… I will like to take time to say thank you in advance having helping hand to help other in need…

    My daughter Adrianna attends a Culinary High School which is required by Department of education have certain amount of volunteer hours in order to graduate.. I will like to know you have any available slots so Adrianna can enroll for.. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you might need..

    Best Regards
    Jinny Rodriguez
    Mobile: 917-667-5462


    1. Kindly call the church office at 212 864-4013 to ask about current volunteer opportunities. Thank you for considering us!


  2. I would like to volunteer on Saturday for your Outreach. I am new to the community and from out-of-state and would love the opportunity to be involved in the community. Please let me know what the process is for me to be able to volunteer.


  3. Greetings,

    My name is Theo Haris and I am the new Outreach Coordinator for The Interfaith Center of New York. It is my understanding that St. Mary’s Episcopal Church has a structured “Network” peer support and accountability group for people who have returned to the community from prison. I would like to arrange a meeting with whoever is in charge of this outreach project as we are looking to duplicate it at other places of Worship in Harlem. If at all possible, I would like to come and observe a group in progress, and perhaps offer my own personal testimony as a formerly incarcerated “returning citizen.” My contact information is: Theo Harris, Outreach Coordinator, The Interfaith Center of New York, 212-870-3535. I look forward to your reply. Blessings always.


  4. Dear Dorothy

    We as well are looking forward to meting you in September. We would like know a bit more about the project and where, when and how we should meet, and if there are persons who can tell us more about your project.
    Signe Beck Meinicke


  5. We are a class from Denmark who are visiting New York in September, 2013. If it is possible we would like to help in your street kitchen, handing out food etc. the 21st of September. Also we would very much be interested in hearing about your work, the church, and follow some of the other volunteers in their work during the day.

    Sincerely yours
    Signe Beck Meinicke


    1. Thanks so much for your interest, Signe. I have passed your message to the person in charge of the Saturday Outreach. We look forward to meeting you and your group in September. We will answer you soon. Dorothy Ross


  6. Hi,

    Just wanted to CONFIRM that our youth group (10) will be working on MONDAY, JUNE 18 from
    4 – 6pm or longer, if needed. We are excited about helping out with the Food Pantry.

    Michele Craig
    Christ Episcopal Church
    Rockville, MD 20850
    301/762-2191 Ext. 15


  7. I was wondering if you are looking for any help to volunteer at your church. I would be available a couple of afternoons a week, starting from next week.
    Please e-mail me back at the the address I provided if you are interested.
    Ludovica Pagni


  8. I received your name from the Social Services Ministry of Riverside Church. I am (quite urgently) looking for a modest room, or a situation of house-share in exchange for moderate housekeeping duties. Also, I was told that you offer desk and phone time, to make it possible to follow-up on ads I might see, and to access other outreach organizations. Please tell me who is the person most directly involved in these issues and when I may come. Also, are you accessible? I cannot access stairs.

    I look forward to your reply.

    M. Kuperstock


    1. Thank you for your message. We are partially accessible. Please call our office for more details in answer to your questions. The office telephone number is 212-864-4013. Best wishes for success.


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