St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Manhattanville
521 W.126 St. NY, NY between Old Broadway and Amsterdam

Robert Daniel Jones Memorial Shelter


Volunteers needed now!
The shelter serves up to 10 homeless men from 7:30PM to 7AM, seven nights a week.
After orientation and training sessions, volunteers are asked to sign up for one or more night per month in which they will help with set up and clean up and will spend the night.  No special skills, experience or ability (beyond that of climbing stairs) is required.  Spanish speakers especially invited.

The Robert Daniel Jones (RDJ) Memorial Shelter seeks to foster community for homeless immigrants and asylum seekers living in West Harlem. We focus specifically on men who have fallen through the cracks of our city’s homeless programs, and who can’t qualify for assistance elsewhere.

Our small shelter provides a “family” environment for men to sleep at night while they work towards securing more long-term housing. Each guest is guaranteed a 6-month stay, and can take advantage of our legal, language, and housing referrals. Of the 15 men who have come through our doors in the past two years, 10 have found more permanent housing, 1 has received his green card, 1 was reunited with his family, and 2 received political asylum.

Guests and volunteers hail from all over the world – from Cuba to Ethiopia everywhere in between. Drop in for house dinner, and you’ll learn to speak Bambara from a Malian guest, play dominoes with a Mexican immigrant, or make Rotis with a friend from Trinidad.

Donations of food, prepared meals, socks, underwear and funds (tax deductable) are also very welcome, as are your prayers for this ministry.
If interested, please write to:
Who was Robert Daniel Jones? “Our Robert” 1951 – 2012

12 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Does this church have an apartment complex near by or attached? I know that there is a shelter in place. But what about residential apartments? Can anyone answer this for me please?


  2. Where are the real and actual services and shelters for women, instead of mislead numbers to call and chairs to sit on..that are scarce also. My life been at risk and I’m surprised I’m still here today that’s not fair I am 10 years back on taking care of my life because I had no real help..I just had to survive, but had no opportunity to get the help I needed to help myself..I’m stuck and don’t want my life.


    1. Hi Gee T Kee, I am sorry that you are having difficulty getting the services that you need. If you have not already heard from anyone for the RDJ Refugee Shelter, please call the church office at 212 481-4013, and we will try to suggest some resources. Best of luck!


  3. So, it seems there really has been no response or movement on this issue since 2013? I’ve long wondered why shelter for women is so scarce. Is it that they have so many other options?


  4. HELLO,
    You failed to check Manhattan homelessness shelter need and respite care availabilities. If you review the New York Academy of Medicine Sections on Public Health and on Epidemiology, you will see the respite care need is for women and for senior citizens.
    Men find shelter all over Manhattan Borough and throughout New York City. On Saturday night, current information shows, it seems, only FOUR beds designated for women — FOUR!! Once the East 26th Street Armory offered about 200 beds 365/24/7. It now houses National Guard training services. That is TWO HUNDRED missing beds for women.
    The Oliveri Center on West 30th Street is web listed “For Women Only”. It isn’t!! It’s services run about three, four to one AGAINST women and the special needs women have.
    Check your numbers better!
    And, it appears no one has, as yet, even begun to look at the issues of the “Hidden Homeless” whether male, female, or seniors. These are people faced with social, gender, and /or economic abuse, substandard living conditions, and job loss or dislocation.
    Let’s work together to get the facts on New York City homelessness right, understand the true nature of generic homelessness, and end the tragic epidemic of homelessness’s plight globally!!
    Dr. Elyas F. Isaacs with [amongst many]
    The United Nations NGO Health Committee and Scientists without Broders [companion to Medicines sans Frontieres] and President of: The Frances York C.T.E., Institute for S.S., and Library, in the City of New York


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