St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Manhattanville
521 W.126 St. NY, NY between Old Broadway and Amsterdam



Is to (i) provide support and advocacy for people seeking safety from oppression and/or bigotry, (ii) provide support and advocacy for personal wellness, especially for people facing the debilitating consequences of poverty, including food insecurity, and (iii) provide welcome, connectedness and support to people facing economic hardship and housing insecurity, including facilitating access to resources available to community members.

WANA will have two primary programs:

The Elizabeth White (EW) Food Programs was founded in 1982 as a small pantry and soup kitchen that has grown to include a client choice food pantry, mobile soup kitchen and hot meal and fellowship program. The EW Food Programs offer more than physical sustenance; community volunteers and staff offer guidance during periods of individual hardship and neighborhood instability.  The programs provide access, education, and opportunities to develop a healthier diet. Through peer-based, women of color leadership, the programs establish meaningful connections with each individual that travels through our programs, including opportunities for networking, serving community, and leadership development.

The Robert D. Jones (RDJ) Refugee Shelter seeks to foster community for homeless immigrants and asylum seekers living in New York City. At St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (Harlem), this program has focused specifically on people who have fallen through the cracks of our city’s homeless programs, and who can’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. Thousands of individuals arrive every year to New York City, fleeing violence and oppression in their home countries. Once here, asylees wait an average of 5 – 6 months under the current law, and 1 – 2 years for those who arrived before 2018, to receive asylum. For many asylum seekers, city shelters are not an option, as they are either not eligible, or city shelters fail to provide the necessary safety and support for this marginalized group.  We believe that the RDJ Refugee Shelter is unique in New York City in specifically providing shelter for homeless asylum seekers and refugees. The RDJ Refugee Shelter provides up to 8 guests with a 6-month stay with holistic care, support and advocacy for asylum seekers who are experiencing housing insecurity and resources they need to thrive in their new home (including assistance with employment, legal, and language resources). Visit the RDJ Website:


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