About St. Mary's

The "Be Not Afraid" Church

St. Mary’s Manhattanville is the “I am not afraid” church, standing up as a community of faith in West Harlem to pursue justice and peace for the poor and oppressed, to pray and care for the sick, lonely and at risk and to put into practice the message of the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit. “Do not be afraid” Luke 1:30

Santa Maria Manhattanville es la iglesia “sin miedo,” buscando paz y justicia al lado de los pobres y los oprimidos, rezando por cuidando a los enfermos, solitarios y marginados, y practicando el mensaje del Evangelio con la fuerza del Espiritu Santo. “No temas” San Lucas 1:30

The Rev. Dr. Mary Foulke

Rector (the priest in charge of the parish):
The Reverend Mary Foulke, Ed.D. is an educator and social justice advocate. She has been the Rector of St. Mary’s since 2014. Since entering professional ministry in 1989, she has sought to articulate a religious/spiritual perspective that is open, intelligent and humble. She helps churches to build communities in which differences are recognized, understood, engaged and celebrated, and where  creative/wholistic social action and service are developed and supported. She has worked on the Upper East Side, Wellesley, MA, Pasadena CA, Greenwich Village, with congregations large and small. She has also learned from and taught every age group from pre-k to seminary/graduate school about religion, education and resisting all forms of oppression.

Rev. Mary has made NYC her spiritual home (having grown up in suburban Washington DC), and now lives in the Rectory at St. Mary's with her spouse and two young adult children.

The Rev. Deacon Jacqueline Sanchez-Shabazz 

Deacon (an order of ministry to represent Christ and the Church particularly as a servant of those in need):
Deacon Jacqueline Sanchez-Shabazz was born in Harlem and grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She has graduated from Wilfred’s Academy, Eastern Technical Medical School, and Clark University Career Services (Masters Certificate); and has worked a variety of jobs including as a beautician, a medical assistant, an assistant to a psychology practice, and for 10 years with American Express Corporate Travel. She has also volunteered most of her life with seniors. In addition to this work and service, she has raised 4 children and has a “classroom” full of grand and great grandchildren.

Deacon Jackie was baptized, confirmed and married at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan. There she served as an usher, a verger, a Vestry member, and an altar assistant. While serving at St. Augustine’s, Dn. Jackie entered the ordination process for the Diaconate and went on to serve the Church of the Epiphany, the Church of the Good Shepherd, White Plains Hospital for Chaplaincy Training, and continuing Volunteer Chaplain at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Deacon Jackie was ordained in 2017, and has served at St. Mary’s joyfully since 2019. It is a blessing to be part of God’s ministry in this place, and she is honored to proclaim the Gospel, assist at the Eucharist, and reach out to the community with the light of Christ. 


Mr. Brian Cabezas, Senior Warden,
Ms. Kinuthia McDavid, Junior Warden, 2020-2022

St. Mary's Pledge

Through an ongoing process of community engagement, we developed this pledge for our life together.
As members of St. Mary’s Church and Community: We commit to respect the dignity of every human being.
We listen to each other.
We practice kindness.
We pledge non-violence.
We strive for peace and justice... 

Compromiso Comunitario de St. Mary's

Como miembros de la Iglesia y la Comunidad de Santa María:
Nos comprometemos a respetar la dignidad de todo ser humano. 
Nos escuchamos unos y unas a otros. 
Prometemos la no violencia. 
Practicamos la bondad. 
Luchamos por la paz y la justicia. 

Our Seminarians, Staff and Vestry


Linda Aristondo, EDS at Union Theological Seminary

Ryan Felder, Union Theological Seminary, NY

Nicole Hanley, EDS at Union Theological Seminary

Sabra Jones, EDS at Union Theological Seminary

David Patino, Bexley-Seabury Seminary


Ms. Ameya Biradavolu, Director, EW Food Programs (WANA)
Mr. William Brown, Operations Manager (WANA)
Ms. Janet Dorman, Organist/Choir Director
Mr. Jacobo Medrano, Sexton
Mr. Edafe Okporo, Director, Robert D. Jones Refugee Shelter (WANA)
Mr. Kym Roberts, Parish Associate
Laurie Ross, Bookkeeper
vacancy, Parish Administrator

Vestry (the governing body of the church)

Class of 2021
Mr. Radford Arrindel, 2018-2021 (2nd term)
Mr. Chris Gordon, 2019-2021 (1st term)
Mr. Kym Roberts, 2018-2021 (2nd term)

Class of 2022
Ms. Chris Berry, 2019-2022 (1st term)
Ms. Stephanie Harewood,  2019-2022 (partial term)
vacancy, 2019-2022  

Class of 2023
vacancy, 2020-2023 
Ms. Gloria Ellis-Smith, 2020-2023 (2nd term)
Dr. Dorothy E Ross, 2020-2023 (1st term)

Representatives to Diocesan Convention
Ms. Chris Berry, 2020
Ms. Rachel Furer (alternate), 2020

Representatives to Manhattan North Interparish Council
Ms. Chris Berry, 2020
Thomas Sayee, 2020


Altar Guild,
Stephanie Harewood, Dorothy Ross 

Women’s Prayer Group  (shared)

Finance Committee, Radford Arrindell, Treasurer,  & Dorothy Ross, Finance Committee Chair

Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Celia Braxton, Coordinator

Miriam, Mark, Marx & Muhammad Discussion and Action Group, James White, Chair

Stewardship Committee, Radford Arrindell, Chair


Ecclesia (church in the park), Chris Gordon, Kinuthia McDavid

Friday Movie Night, Lisa Slocum (Movies) & Sandra May Flowers (Nutrition - WANA)

Robert D. Jones Refugee Shelter, Edafe Okporo, Ameya Biradavolu, William Brown  (WANA)

Saturday Outreach, Shirrell Patterson Felder (WANA)

St. Mary’s Summer Camp,  Carla Gaskins-Nathan

Theology Night, Ryan Felder

Thrift Shop, Jenny Garmendia

Business Hours

  • Monday
    Appointments only
  • Tuesday
    10:00am - 02:00pm
  • Wednesday
    10:00am - 01:00pm
  • Thursday
    10:00am - 02:00pm
  • Friday
    Appointments only
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    Appointments only