Nominated: Bill Smith (nominated by Sheldon Garland, seconded by Robert Jones):

Lysander Puccio (nominated by Janet Dorman, seconded by Judy Davis).

Bill Smith declined nomination and Allen Mellen moved that we cast a unanimous ballot for Lysander Puccio. The ballot was unanimously approved and Lysander Puccio was voted in as Warden.

Vestry: Radford Arrindell, Patrick Harding and Bill Smith were all up for re-election to the Vestry. Robert Jones moved that we cast a unanimous ballot for Radford, Patrick and Bill to be reinstated to the Vestry. The ballot was unanimously approved and Radford Arrindell, Patrick Harding and Bill Smith were reinstated to the Vestry.


ECW- Report given by Nicole George.

Financial Report- Given by Bill Smith. Every 3 months we will be given an accounting with respect to our pledges. Loans have stopped being paid out of the operating fund and are now being paid out of the capital investment fund. In 2014 we will have paid off all of our loans and we will have in excess of $100,000 in the capital reserve fund (inclusive of CDs that we are now using as collateral for our loans). There is a new category under 2007 expense report called “Parish Services”. This category covers miscellaneous and casual services that do not include regular personnel. Ann Ditzler recommended that we devise a plan for how to put together a tool for broader communication (i.e. a newsletter). The vestry will discuss. Bill Smith (and Vestry) moved that the 2007 budget be accepted. Patrick Harding seconded. Budget was approved by unanimous consent.

Intern Program- Discussed ways to incorporate interns more into the congregation. Congregation agreed to be more inviting to them.

Prayer Committee: Irene Mckenzie submitted report.

Soup Kitchen- Janet Dorman gave report.

Evangelism, Education & Outreach- Report given by Jim White. Jim suggested we add “Empowerment” to committee name. Fr. Kooperkamp moved and Gwen Walker seconded. Amendment to name was approved by unanimous consent.


Jim White moved that the following resolutions to be passed in connection with the Paul Robeson Liberation Library:

1) The collection continue to be housed in the basement of the rectory (consistent with the space also serving for office work., small meetings and educational activities) and that a rotating display be offered in the bookshelf at the back of the church;

2) St. Mary’s ask the Diocesan Social Concerns Commission to endorse the library as a diocesan resource and contribute to its development; and

3) Recognizing the good efforts of Lysander Puccio and Dorothy Johnson, we gratefully accept the offer of Ms. Dalma Llanos-a writer, educator, and NYPS senior librarian-to organize and catalogue the collection. The rector will appoint an assistant to Ms. Llanos.

Ann Ditzler seconded the motion. The resolutions were unanimously passed.

Allen Mellen moved that the following resolution be passed:

“We at St. Mary’s Manhattanville call upon our Bishop, Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops not to draw back from the commitment the Episcopal Church has made to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender & Queer People (LGBTQ), in particular, not to make any pledge in advance about denying ordination to the Episcopate on the basis of sexual orientation and not to make any promise not to authorize blessings of same sex unions. All are welcome here.”

Ann Ditzler seconded the motion. Resolution was passed. 3 people abstained

Father Kooperkamp called to adjourn meeting. Radford Arrindell moved to adjourn and Bill Smith seconded. Adjournment was unanimously approved.

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