St. Mary’s is located at 521 West 126th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam.

Public transportation

#1 train to Broadway and 125th Street, then walk two blocks to St. Mary’s

A, B, C, D trains to St. Nicholas Avenue and 125th Street, then walk (or take the bus) three blocks to St. Mary’s

Buses on 125th Street
Bx 15, M60, M100, M101, M106

Buses on Amsterdam Avenue
M11, M100, M101

Buses on Broadway
M4, M5

It is frequently difficult to find parking on the block. Parking can often be found more easily one block north, on Old Broadway / 129th Street.
(Yes, we know the math does not add up!  It is a remnant of superimposing the old Manhattanville Streets onto the newer Manhattan grid system)

4 thoughts on “Directions

  1. Im a patient of st luke hospital,in a wheelchair.i dont have a cel fon but when i call u from a payfon there is an answering machine.can i email u.please send me answer so i have yur email so i can attach yu files proving im in st luke hospital as patient need surgery for trauma physical agresions but victim of crim eviciton need temp housing arrangment
    thanks helga


    1. Domestic Violence resources:
      Domestic Violence Resources

      Missionaries of Charity
      406 W. 127 St. and Convent Ave.

      They seem to take all women, although they are listed as a domestic violence shelter on the Manhattan Outreach Consortium’s “Street Sheet”. Potential guests should arrive in the AM, M-Su except Tuesday (that is what it says on this leaflet, but I remembered that it was Thursday that they are closed to new comers- perhaps Earl knows?). This is a convent of nuns from Mother Theresa’s order. In my experience, they do not pick up their phone very often.

      The Dwelling Place of NY, Inc.
      409 W. 40th Street
      New York, NY 10018
      Sister Nancy Chiarello, OSF

      Also run by nuns, they also seem to take women in many kinds of circumstances, including w/mental illness. It is small, 15 beds.

      “We look forward to meeting you and assessing your unique situation. Our intake office is open Monday through Friday; 9:30 am to noon. Women must be at least 30-years-old to be considered. Call (212) 564-7887 for more information”

      And although I have no personal experience of them, Safe Horizon seems to have a lot of shelters/beds and other resources for domestic violence victims. Have a look at the website:

      “Domestic Violence Shelters
      Safe Horizon is New York City’s largest provider of domestic violence residences with more than 425 beds available throughout the five boroughs. Safe Horizon operates both emergency shelters for crisis situations and transitional housing where women move after several months to plan for a future free from violence. The shelters offer comprehensive services including counseling, housing assistance, life skills and parenting courses, childcare, and medical aid.
      If you are a victim of domestic violence and are in need of shelter, please call our hotline.”

      From their site:
      Domestic Violence Hotline:
      800.621.HOPE (4673)

      Crime Victims Hotline:
      866.689.HELP (4357)

      Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline:

      Other Hotline listings:
      Battered Women Hotline: 718-499-2151
      Child Abuse Hotline: 800-342-3720
      Crime Victim Hotline: 212-577-7777 0r 800-621-4673
      Rape Crisis Line: 212-423-2140

      Or call 311 for a referral to someplace in an emergency.

      I hope that this helps.


  2. my name is miss helga suarez clark,patient of st luke hospital.i need return to hospital for surgery wounds agresion but need first a safe place to help with dom violence issues
    i call the office no one answers
    please email me bak to have your email.i cant come easy i am in a whelchair wiht spine fractures


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