At St. Mary’s, stewardship begins with the church’s mission: WE ARE NOT AFRAID… to work for justice and peace for the poor and oppressed; to pray and care for the sick, lonely and at risk; to protect and tend to God’s earth as its loving stewards; and to have a bit of fun while we’re at it. Stewardship at St. Mary’s involves safeguarding the resources required to fulfill this mission. But it’s about more than money. Stewardship includes how our time is spent, how our relationships are encouraged, how our abilities are shared, and, yes, how we prioritize our financial giving. Please consider donating your time & talents alongside us at St. Mary’s Church!

Pledging is an act of planned generosity by those who are able and want to do so. There is no limit on what value constitutes a pledge: it can be bills or coins, or as much as one wishes to extend themselves. Pledges allow the Vestry to plan a balanced budget based on promised income. Pledge Forms are available from the Parish Office or on the Parish Information Table.

Fundraising includes invitations for financial gifts, special campaigns, special events (like the Thrift Shop Speakeasy or the Craft Fair), and other revenue generating efforts. We are very grateful for foundations and generous individual donors who belong to other communities of faith or of no faith who support the work of St. Mary’s.

3 thoughts on “Stewardship & Fundraising

    1. Hi Yolanda,

      At our last planning meeting, it was decided that the cost would be $40 for a table, and $20 for half a table, or for a space (supply your own table).



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