St. Mary’s is delighted to welcome children, teenagers and families to experience the joy, challenge, beauty and relevance of the Christian faith. As an Episcopal Church we promise to “do all in our power to support these persons in their life in Christ.”

We welcome young people to:

participate in worship and Eucharist (communion) regardless of age.

learn about the Bible, Christian traditions and prayer with creative and critical minds in our IQ (Important Questions) Program on occasional Saturday afternoons.

serve the parish and our community by volunteering.

For more information, including registration, schedule of activities or to ask questions, please contact the Parish Office: 212-864-4013, 

One thought on “Sunday School – Important Questions

  1. Thank you all Pastor’s for doing well am a Pastor in the Diocese of central Tanganyika the Anglican church ,Maduma Parish Chamwino Ikulu Dodoma TZ.I love sundyschool in my Parish,but it is diflcut to have books for teacher’s we use Bible only,and some time we was singing song,Please can you help some book’s?.God bless you and your conregation.


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