Happy Pentecost and Welcome to St. Mary’s Church!

The flowers on the Altar are given to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for Pentecost by Dr. Dorothy Ross.

Spirit and Strife Peer Trauma Support Group. If you are a trauma survivor, please join St. Mary’s in a new ministry to co-create a safe, loving, faith-inspired space in which to develop strategies for resilience and recovery. Meeting: Saturdays , 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. A mutually supportive faith community can be a precious resource for those of us who are living with PTSD, or trauma’s after-effects, which can persist for many years after the event(s). “Trauma means experiencing, witnessing, or being threatened with an event or events that involve actual serious injury, a threat to the physical integrity of ones self or others, or possible death. The responses to these events include intense fear, helplessness, or horror.” -National Trauma Consortium . See Lysander Puccio for more information.

The Episcopal Church Women: The ECW Prayer Committee meets on the second Sunday of the month following the 10:00 am service. The meeting will take place following the 10:00 am service and will be lead by Lysander Puccio. The full meeting of the ECW takes place on third Sunday of the month. The next regular meeting will be held on June 19th following the 10:00 am service. All women are invited. Please see Celia Braxton for further information.

St. Mary’s Summer Camp: July 11 to Aug. 4, 2011: Now open for REGISTRATION: call the Church Office at (212) 864-4013 to register. Registration forms are available on the back table. Keep praying for the Summer Camp Program and the director, Ms. Deborah Snyder.

Eccelsia: Marcus Garvey Park: Sundays at 2:00 pm. St. Mary’s is the lead congregation on the first Sunday each month. We need volunteers this morning to help us make the lunches for the meal following the service. Also: St. Mary’s Homeless Street Outreach: Saturdays, 12:00 noon preparation and 2:00 pm Street Outreach. Please let us know if you can help and keep the Homeless Street Outreach in your prayers.

Movies at St. Mary’s: 6:00 pm on Fridays. Come for the fellowship, the popcorn and the FUN!! Also, we need volunteers to help. Thanks!! June 17: “The Wedding Banquet” (Ang Lee’s rom-com-dram about a gay man & his parent-pleasing fake wedding; R); June 24: “Just Wright” (2010 sports-romance with Queen Latifah, Common and tons of NBA stars; PG)

The Finance Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 15th at 6:00 pm.

The Vestry will meet on Sunday, June 26th following the 10:00 am service. All are invited.

Preaching schedule: June 19 – Trinity Sunday: Rev. Chloe Breyer; June 26 – The Rev. Earl Kooperkamp

Reflections on today’s scripture readings: Prepared by Arthur Cash

First Reading: Acts 2: 1-21
The events you will hear about today led directly to the formation of the Church. The twelve are gathered in Jerusalem to observe the Pentecost, a Jewish feast falling fifty days after Passover. It was on the previous Passover that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. Now his disciples fulfill the prophecy that Jesus made to them before his assumption. The spirit has come to them in a vivid mystical experience. Tongues of fire convey the Holy Spirit and lead them to talk in various languages a clear sign to the observers that the inspiration of the twelve has been sent from Heaven. And now they begin, as Christ had said, to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Ti begins with a sermon that no one could have imagined a fisherman could preach, clear, strong, but sensitive. His choice of the passage from Joel, declaring the various ways the spirit will come various people, is prefect. At least I think so. Men of my age love the lines, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

Second Reading: First Corinthians 12: 3b-13
Paul is talking to a congregation of Greeks recently converted. They are so ignorant of the meaning of Christian ritual that they come to the Eucharistic table in order to satisfy their bodily hunger, “If you hungry,” he tells them, “eat at home” (11:34). Then he tells them pretty mush what Joel and Peter had said: the Holy Spirit will come in various ways, depending upon the talents of the inspired. Some will be inspired to seek wisdom, some to be healers, and the like. Everybody will use these gifts for the good of the community “baptized into one body.” I am interested that he finds speaking in tongues and interpreting those utterances to be inspired. Many believe so today. I have attended services where speaking in tongue is practiced, and I have little faith. What I like in Paul’s vision are those members of the community who are inspired to “the utterance of knowledge”.

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