Good Morning and Welcome to St. Mary’s Church!

 Music at St. Mary’s: Today the exciting new season begins at 3:00 pm as the Harlem Chamber Players take the stage. The program includes Mozart and Brahms. Admission is $15.00 ($10.00 seniors/students) for this most extraordinary afternoon of superb music. Check out the article from this week’s Amsterdam News featuring St. Mary’s own Liz Player! Bring your friends, family and neighbors for a great introduction to St. Mary’s. 

 The Episcopal Church Women: The ECW will meet today, the third Sunday of the month, September 18th, following the 10:00 am service. The ECW prayer committee meets on the second Sunday, October 9th,  following the 10:00 am service Please see Celia Braxton for further information.

 Jobs for our Community! This evening at 6:30, there will be a meeting to plan a September 24th March for “Jobs for West Harlem,” to demand that Columbia university make good on its word to bring 6,000 jobs and to put our people to work!

 New Furnace for St. Mary’s: This week work will begin on a new heating system for the parish. It will be more energy efficient and do a better job at heating the sanctuary and Parish Hall. We will be able to save money on fuel costs (one of our larger expenses) and lessen the “carbon footprint” of the parish. Your support has been and remains critical and appreciated for this new venture.

 The Vestry will meet next Sunday, September 25th following the 10:00 am service. All are invited to attend.

 Eccelsia: Marcus Garvey Park: Sundays at 2:00 pm. St. Mary’s is the lead congregation on the first Sunday each month. Also: St. Mary’s Homeless Street Outreach: Saturdays, 12:00 noon preparation and 2:00 pm Street Outreach. Please let us know if you can help and keep the Homeless Street Outreach in your prayers.

 Movies at St. Mary’s: 6:00 pm on Fridays. Come for the fellowship, the popcorn and the FUN!!  Also, we need volunteers to help. Thanks!! Sept. 23rd: “Cleopatra” (Elizabeth Taylor remembered at her best; ur); Sept. 30th: “The Devil Wears Prada” (fashion publishing horror stories, with Meryl Streep; PG-13).

  “Reflexion Biblico” en Espanol, Saturdays at 6:00 pm, led by the Rev. Dr. Luis Barrios. More information to come. Mark your calendars!

 Spirit and Strife Peer Trauma Support Group. If you are a trauma survivor, please join St. Mary’s in a new ministry to co-create a safe, loving, faith-inspired space in which to develop strategies for resilience and recovery. Meeting: Saturday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. See Lysander Puccio for more information.

 Pray for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor in the Diocese of New York, that we find a good and faithful leader to help us move into the future as we serve the Risen Christ.

Commentaries by Arthur Cash:

 First Reading, Exodus 16: 2-15

 We know that we are reading a mythical, story when we heard that “about six hundred thousand men on foot, beside [woman and] children livestock in great numbers” left Egypt with Moses (12: 37-38) In realistic terms, it would be impossible for such numbers (at least two and a half million) to move through the Reed Sea or from any location to any other in a single day. But let’s give our imagination to the myth and see a huge number of people in a desert. Obviously, they are going to starve unless supplies are bought in. God does the supplying by sending quails and manna daily (except Saturday, the holy day of rest.) The people, we are told, lived on quails and manna for forty years (16:35)

 Second Reading, Philippians 1: 21-30

 The Christian colony a Philippi in Macedonia is the first established in Europe. He writes in friendship from some unidentified city where he is in prison. He speaks of the possibility of his dying. His life, he says, has belonged to Christ and will belong to his after death. But in death there will be “gain,” whereas to remain on earth is to continue Gods work, which is demanding, though self-rewarding. The comparison of life and death confuses him and his words stumble. Then we hear words I, at least, never expected to hear from Paul, “I don’t know.”


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