Good Morning and Welcome to St. Mary’s Church!

St. Mary’s has taken on a new role, as a temporary shelter for men in the evenings. About a dozen men from the neighborhood will have cots in the Undercroft during the cold weather months. This is a new initiative from the NYC Department of Homeless Services and our Vestry agreed to help out with it. There may be some opportunities to volunteers as well. Please keep these men and St. Mary’s response in your prayers.

 The Finance Committee will meet Thursday, Feb. 2nd at 6:00 pm.

 Peace of Pizza: Wednesday, Feb. 8th at 7:00pm, our monthly fellowship and discussion with the members of the New York Intern Program. All are invited.

The Property Committee will meet on Feb. 9th at 5:30. Come to help with the work of putting St. Mary’s best ‘face’ forward in 2012. Please see Liz Mellen for more information.

The Mardi Gras Masked Ball is coming soon, February 18th!! Mark your calendars, tell your friends and get involved. We need lots of willing hands to make this another unforgettable evening for St. Mary’s. Please see Lisa Slocum to see how you can help out. Tickets are now available: $20.00 for dinner, entertainment and tons of fun!

Eccelsia: Marcus Garvey Park: St. Mary’s is the lead congregation on the first and fifth Sunday each month. We will need volunteers to help with the preparation of the “Second Meal” today and next Sunday, Feb. 5th.  Also: St. Mary’s Homeless Street Outreach: Saturdays, 12:00 noon preparation and 2:00 pm Street Outreach. Please let us know if you can help and keep the Homeless Street Outreach in your prayers. Also: Socks are NEEDED; keep on “socking it to us!” and if you are able, bring new socks we can give to people during Outreach. Thanks to all who have helped out in this effort!!

Movies at St. Mary’s: 6:00 pm on Fridays. Come for the fellowship, the popcorn and the FUN!!  Also, we need volunteers to help. The New Movie Schedule is here:  Feb. 3: black history special: the black power mixtape, 1967-1975 & 2011 documentary, ur, recently discovered interviews of panthers and other black leaders by Swedish journalists; Feb. 10: night catches us, 2010 drama/romance, R, young man returns to the race-torn neighborhood where he came of age during the black power movement.

 “Harlem Secrets: Recipes from St. Mary’s” The Fundraising Committee is putting together a cookbook, with its own special St. Mary’s flavor: there will be stories, wit and some great cooking tips. Sign up on the back table to help! Thanks!!

Preaching Schedule: Feb. 5th: The Rev. Max Surjadinata; Feb. 11th: Rev. Earl Kooperkamp


Reflections on Today’s Scripture Lessons: by Arthur Cash

 First Reading: Deuteronomy 18: 15 – 20

Deuteronomy is the last book of the Pentateuch, a Christian term meaning “five scrolls.” Jews call these books the Torah, a word we translate as “law.” Because the laws in these books were promulgated by God and provide all the guidance man needs, the Torah was for Jews the most sacred part of Scripture. “Deuteronomy” means “second law.” Chapters 12-26, tell of Moses’s giving a second set of laws. Actually, there is much repetition of laws already given in the earlier books. In this passage, Moses is speaking to the Jews before their entrance into the land of Canaan. God, he says, has promised another prophet to follow him. Christians take this to be Jesus.

Second Reading: First Corinthians 8: 1 – 13

1 Corinthians 8: 1b – 13. Some of the Christian converts at Corinth have been invited from time to time to take part in social gatherings at heathen temples in which meat is eaten after it has been consecrated to the heathen god. Paul admits that such food is in no way changed by being consecrated to deities that have no real existence. But he does not want has people to set a bad example by seeming to acknowledge the heathen gods.



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