Good morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church           

Today, Sunday, January 6 at 9 am and 12 noon – Parish Informational Meeting. Come and find out what is happening at St. Mary’s. Bring your questions and concerns.

Sunday, January 6 at 1:30 pm  Meeting with Leslie Pendleton, Episcopal Church Foundation capital campaign consultant. All who are interested in assisting with the capital campaign are welcome to attend.

Saturday, January 26 at 10:30 am – Memorial Service for the Rev. Robert Castle. All are invited to attend. You are also invited to bring pictures and notes for a remembrance book for Mrs. Kate Castle.

Economic times, especially since hurricane Sandy, have become very challenging for many here at St Mary’s. If you have the means to contribute to the clergy Discretionary account, which helps these in needs, please consider making a contribution. Thank You. Father Tom.

Stewardship and your pledge – As a community, we share in many ways. We give God and each other prayer, time, togetherness, talents and tithing. Turning in a pledge card is a demonstration of your commitment, and helps with planning for 2013. We thank you if you have already pledged. If you have not pledged, please prayerfully consider your pledge to St. Mary’s for 2013, and turn in a pledge card today.

Bulletin announcements: If you need an announcement listed in the bulletin for the next Sunday, email Ms. Gwen by 5: pm at on Wednesdays.

Father Tom’s days off are Monday and Tuesday, he is available those days by phone in cases of emergencies at 1-646-692-8355… Thank you for your co-operation!

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