Good morning and welcome to St. Mary’s  

Sunday, March 10 at 1:30, the Orfeo Duo (Vita and Ishmael Wallace) will present a concert entitled “HOME Lost, Imagined, Found,” including St. Mary’s Choir’s presentation of Ishmael’s setting of words by Charles Kelly.

A monthly Bible Study will begin during Lent beginning Feb. 26, starting with dinner at 7.00 pm at the home of Fr. Tom Pellaton at 2186 Fifth Ave. Apt. 7D (off of 135th St.) The actual study will begin at 7.45 pm. Once again Fr. Tom will make the main course and salad and those of you who attend can bring soft drinks and dessert. Also bring your own Bible if you can. We will begin a thorough study of the Gospel of Mark and continue the class monthly till we accomplish the full reading of the Gospel.  The second session will take place March 19th

Lent at Mary’s, this year as in the recent past years St. Mary’s is encouraged to attend all or some of the Wednesday evening prayer services being offered by various churches here in Harlem. See the schedule below. Usually a light supper is s  the service.

Manhattan North Inter Parish Council 2013 Service Schedule Wednesdays in Lent at 7:pm

 DATE                                                      LOCATION                                               ADDRESS

March 6, 2012                         Church of the Intercession       550 West 155th Street

    March 13, 2013                                   St. Philip’s Church                   204 West 134th Street

March 20, 2013                                   St. Luke’s Church                    435 West 141st Street

We are once again asking for those of you who may be called to be a Sunday Saint and help out as an usher or a Lay Eucharistic Minister/Acolyte. Please see Fr. Tom if you are interested.

Stewardship and your pledge – As a community, we share in many ways. We give God and each other prayer, time, togetherness, talents and tithing. Turning in a pledge card is a demonstration of your commitment, and helps with planning for 2013. We thank you if you have already pledged. If you have not pledged, please prayerfully consider your pledge to St. Mary’s for 2013, and turn in pledge card today.

March 10, after the 10am service is the Annual General Meeting. We will elect new Vestry Members, delegates to Convention and to the IPC. The Budget for 2013 will be presented. What we also want to do is have a good time. We encourage you to bring food to share for a pot luck lunch. All are invited to attend.

Thanks to all of you who shared with us in poetry and song last Sunday. It was a very moving experience.

Commentary on the Readings by Arthur Cash

First Reading: Exodus 3: 1-15

Moses, the youthful outlaw from Egypt, found shelter and employment at Midians, and married one of the daughters of the mysterious priest of Midian, Jethro. The Midianites worshiped a single, universal God who, I believe, was Yahweh. God’s commissioning of Moses takes place in the area of a Midianite altar. I am among those who hold that Moses learned the worship of Yahweh from Jethro.

   Our translation along with many others may not get right the name God announces is his. In the original Hebrew text, it is spelled without vowels, YHWH.  No one knows for sure what the missing vowels were. Most translations, supply vowels and render the name as Yahweh, which has the advantage of being pronounceable. But the choice of vowels is guess work; consequently, the meaning of the name, if there was one, remains in doubt. Folk tradition holds that the name means “I am.” But some scholars think it means something like “He causes to be.”

Second Reading: First Corinthians 10:1-13

   Paul is addressing Greeks who have recently been baptized, warning them against self-indulgent sins. He tells them how his own people had survived the exodus from slavery in Egypt, had crossed the deserts, but had sinned among themselves and displeased God. They were struck down, dying before the forty-year journey came to an end. True, Exodus tells us that among those who began the exodus in Egypt only Joshua and Moses were still alive when they reached the Jordon and stood looking at the Promised Land. Moses was still leading a Jewish population, but these were men and woman who had been born along the way. I think it is disingenuous for Paul to say that their parents had been struck down because of their sinfulness. They sinned, all right, building a golden calf to worship at Sinai, but God had forgiven that, The implication in Exodus is that they died of old age and natural causes. Be that as it may, Paul warns his listeners not to fall into self-indulgent behavior that displease God. They will be tested by God, who may send evils and temptations; so watch out.

   The tradition that the water-giving rock trekked along after the Israelites on their long journey is not to be found in scripture. Paul accepts this folk myth and interprets the rock as Christ. Paul was the first Christian theologian. In his theology, Christ. Existed prior to Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem.

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