Good morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church

Concert at St. Mary’s Today Sunday April 28 3:00 p.m. Harlem Chamber Players & Opus 118 Harlem School of Music Hear acclaimed students from Opus 118, meet founder and master teacher Roberta Guaspari, the inspiration behind the award-winning documentary “Small Wonders” and inspiration behind Miramax’s film, “Music of the Heart.”

It’s time for the CROP Walk! Walk or raise funds to stamp out hunger!                                              NYC Walk Day: Sunday, 5/19/2013; 2pm. Starting Location: 86th Street and West End Avenue A portion of the funds raised through the NYC CROP Walk will come right back to the St. Mary’s pantry! Donations received before May 1st will be counted towards the Feinstein Challenge, each bit bringing back more of a million dollar pot!     Get started right away!                                                 Contact 646-499-3908,

Current exhibit at General Seminary shows St. Mary’s role in 1970’s struggle for ordination of women as priests in the Episcopal Church, Today Sunday April 28,  Special trip–with tour of Seminary & exhibit.   Leaving from St. Mary’s at 2:00 p.m.  We can be proud.  Join in the fun. Transportation covered, Check out:    

BIBLE STUDY will take place on April 30th at 7pm at the home of Fr. Pellaton, 2186Fifth Ave., Apt. 7D (135th St. and Fifth Ave.) As in the past Fr. Tom will make diner including a Vegans alternative, and the class can bring soft drinks and dessert. We are well into our study of the Gospel of Mark and will continue our journey with the Evangelist.

The next Baptisms will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 19th. If you or your child or grandchild would like to be baptized please see Fr. Pellaton. In addition, Bp. Chilton Knutson, an assisting Bishop in the Diocese and long time friend of Fr. Pellaton’s will be here for Confirmation Sep. 8, 2013. Confirmation classes have already begun. If you would like to join the class or begin an adult class please see Fr. Tom

      Commentary on the Readings by Arthur Cash

First Reading: Acts 11: l – 18

   The earliest Christians were Jerusalem Jews. The major theme of Acts is the story of how, under the urging of Peter and Paul, the church decided to convert gentiles. (May I remind you that the term “gentile” means anyone who is not Jewish?) In our reading, we hear how the Jerusalem church was shocked to hear that Peter had been converting gentiles. They called him to return, and today we hear his defense. He begins with the fascinating vision he had of being told by God to eat meat prohibited in Jewish law. Then he tells of how he was called to the house of Cornelius, a centurion (officer over a hundred Roman soldiers), who had had a vision of an angel who told him to fetch Peter. (The story had been told in the previous chapter.) As Peter preached to the family, something happened, perhaps a trance fell on them, or they began speaking in tongues; the text says only “the Holy Spirit fell upon them.” After such a sign that God was with this family, Peter was happy to baptize them.

Second Reading: Revelation 21: 1– 6

    We are close to the end of Revelation. John is allowed to see the renewal of life that initiates the new era. From heaven descends the new Jerusalem, like a bride, an image that always puzzles my imagination. Then God takes leave from the scene, announcing his new dwelling among men in the holy city, his care of them, his renewing the entire world. There yet remain brief dramas of measuring and illuminating the holy city and the reevaluation to John of the river of life and the tree of life. Our next two readings will be taken from the final verses of the prophecy.

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