Good morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church

We welcome back today our Interim Pastor Father Tom Pellaton                                     please give him a warm St. Mary’s welcome back

                                  Appreciative Inquiry Today                                                                        Morning Prayer leads directly into the interactive activity                   Refreshments will be served.Please make every effort to attend!

                          We will be developing our discussion out of these questions:                                     *What attracted you to St. Mary’s Church and what keeps you coming back?  *What are the social concerns that you feel our new pastor should engage?            *What are the most important characteristics you seek or value in a pastor?

                                              “Search Committee Prayer

Source of all our being and of our life together: As we undertake this task of seeking a new rector of St. Mary’s, help us to be open to the Holy Spirit. Guide us, strengthen us, inspire us, help us to have the spirit of love in dealing with difficulties and disagreements. May we have the courage to speak, as well as the patience to listen. Help us to be open to finding a friend in a stranger. That together we may be strengthened in the work you have prepared for us. We ask these things in Jesus’s name. Amen! (Contact: 646-580-6798

The July Finance Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, July 23, at the usual 6 pm.          An agenda will follow.

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