Good morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church

 Today, August 11, we will be saying good by to this year’s class of Interns, Kelley, Micaela, Shontae and Faith. In place of the sermon they will be sharing some of their most memorable events of their year here in New York. Please join us in celebrating this year together.

People’s Market, Saturday, August 17, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Come and make some $$$! Rent a table space for just $20 and run whatever business you wish! Sell your clutter, offer direct services, run a game…sky’s the limit! Donation of baked goods, hot dog, and flea market items for the St. Mary’s Table will also be greatly appreciated! Reserve your table at stmarysharlem@gmail.comor (212) 864-4013 right away!

Choir & Mission(aries) Picnic, Monday, August 19, Meet in the garden at 3 p.m., walk over to Harlem Piers Park (125 St at the Hudson River) to start by 4 p.m.     Everyone involved in mission programs (e.g. Pantry, clinic, movie night, outreach, Ecclesia, shelter, garden, etc.) will be honored at this casual shindig.  

Sundae Social (Justice), Sunday, August 25, 11:30 am – 2 p.m.                                            Decorate your ice cream with toppings corresponding to social justice issues for this special coffee hour fundraising event! We’ll also pull out the dunking machine!

SUNNDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2013, the Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen, assisting Bishop in the Diocese of New York, will be making an Episcopal visit to St. Mary’s. This will be a time for Confirmation, “time to renew our committal to St. Mary’s and its mission. If you are interested in being Confirmed, being received from another denomination or in re-newal of your Baptismal vows please see Fr. Tom

A new parish profile is being drafted. Help is needed! Contact  the Search Committee at or (646) 580-6798.                               Your input is greatly appreciated!   

Help St. Mary’s rent the Undercroft for parties and social events                                   please take a flyer and post it in your building!    



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  1. Recently, I posted a comment related to my long term concerns and research on issues and needs of homelessness espeically amongst women, senior citizens, and those of the Jewish religion. My current research shows there are nearly no to zero resources and services for these populations in Manhattan Borough and about the same for most of New York City and all its many ethnographic and ethnocultural populations demographically and epidemiologically so defined.
    I had suggest a tent city “camp in” on the lots adjoining St. Mary’s to the East from a somewhat hazy memory of the neighborhood of a year of two ago. After a recent Sunday visit I discovered what I thought to be a tiny grassed lot is now a handball court and not at all inviting to tenters and the like.

    Now being considered is a “Tent City Camp-in” around the northern Riverside Park area somewhat near Grant’s Tomb and the magnificent structure that it is guarded and preserved as a National Monument and historic site. Given the huge and surely nationwide plague and tragedy of homelessness in and of itself as well as for those of the especially impacted populations of women, senior citizens, and those of minority religious identification such as Jews and Buddhists and the like, it may be the Lord pointed His finger at Grant’s Tomb and General and President Grant himself as one to lead the battles against the scourge of pandemic and even epidemic homelessness and those who live sadly amongst the many numbers of people called the “Hidden Homeless” whether from socioeconomic conditions, ethnocultural issues and needs, elder/family/or spousal abuse, substandard housing, displaced or dislocated jobs and funding sources, or the many completely unknown root and generic causes for homelessness.

    The plan is for a late autumn or very early winter start for the “Tent City Camp-in” with a leading “Front Porch Sleeps Ten Tent” main tent which may be considered for sheet plastic and duct tape solar heating needs and research during the long and cold winter tenting months.

    More on all this as organizing and planning goes along!!

    Always yours,

    Dr, Elyas Fraenkel Isaacs, PHD, DPH, DDiv.
    President, Founder, & Executive Director, The FRANCES YORK C.T.E., I.S.S., & Library in the City of New York, Member: Scientists without Borders, and Sustainable Development BLOG Commentator at Columbia University’s Goblogspot BLOG on Global Food Security and Sustainable Development @ 2013 EFI NYC, NY, USA


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