Good Morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church! 

 St Mary’s regrets to inform you of the demises of Ms. Samenthia Lee Manns, “Sam” a long time member who attended St. Mary’s Church during Rev. Neale Secor, tenure. Ms. Manns funeral service will be held on Tuesday January 21, viewing at 9:am and the service is at 11:30am.   

The fundraising committee needs YOU!  Is there an event we’ve done over the last three or four years that you’d like to organize & make sure happens in 2014?  We will supply any info on how we’ve done it (including contacts, etc.) and a bunch of helpful volunteers, too.  but our organizers are pooped!  please come help us!!!

 Saturday Outreach & Ecclesia (1st & last Sunday of every month) we need vehicle support to bring food to East Harlem. Anyone with a driver’s license or a car, please help!                                                        

The choir calls all those who like music to join us. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 5-7 pm and Sundays before the service. The Worship Committee also welcomes input on hymn selection.

Please continue to bring any socks, hats, scarves and gloves you have to spare to share with our friends on the street!


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