Good Morning and Welcome to St. Mary’s Church!

Today at 1:30 pm St. Mary’s very own Ishmael Wallace and a flock of neighborhood composers, will offer a concert, Looking Back, Looking Forward, honoring Ms. Estelle Bennett, a former member of St. Mary’s Church Choir and a former member of the 60’s R&B group the “Ronettes”.  Suggested donation: $10.00 and we are wheelchair accessible

                        Manhattan North Inter-Parish Council                                                        Tickets are now available for the Annual Celebration Friday, June 13, 2014 at All Souls Church 88 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York Donation Adults $40.00  For more information contact Daine Pollard at (212) 932-0941 or by email 

Volunteers are needed for Saturday’s outreach program; please come help St. Mary’s continue to service the people of this community by preparing meals for them, we start at 12:noon and finish at 3:pm 

                                                         Head’s up and help St Mary’s                                                 The Church needs congregational help with the cats on the premises. We need to catch them, have them neuter and find homes for most of them…



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