Support St. Mary’s Community Work and Prayer

Just last week I came upon a Food Pantry volunteer deep in prayer: she was praying for each man, woman and child (as young as 7 years old) pictured on a poster of Black and Brown people killed by the police that is posted in the entryway to the Church Office. It was a prayer of grief for the loss and blessing for the soul of each person.

This is St. Mary’s community, where we pray for one another and the world, we feed and shelter the world and one another (hungry families in our neighborhood and refugees from -currently- Iran, Honduras, Rwanda, Saudia Arabia and Peru). This praying volunteer is the same person who has been supported through a years-long experience of homelessness, and with whom we gave thanks when an apartment was finally found.

“Our Harlem Prayers” (pictured above) is an art installation designed by member Lysander Puccio, and created by the various constituencies of St. Mary’s, the reflective petitions calling for peace, for no more guns, for health (from the medical clinic), for children, to reflect love, justice, for jobs, affordable homes, recovery, and more and more.

Pray with us! Whether your prayer is bringing food to people on the street, protesting police violence, a reflective Compline service at the conclusion of Movie Night, and/or contributing funds to support and be a part of this expanding community of action and contemplation.

St. Mary’s is a community of prayer and action supported primarily by generous donations and grants from individuals and foundations, here is where your gift can help:

$1200 provides basic transportation stipends for 1 year for all volunteers in our Food Programs.
$500 furnishes one sleep package (bed, pillow and bedding) for each new guest in the RDJ Refugee Shelter.
$195 covers the cost of one full day of work by a social worker/volunteer coordinator (a new full-time position we are hoping to fund to support Food Programs, Shelter, and local community drop in).
$70 affords a new guest welcome kit, including towels, toiletries and other necessities (many guests come to St. Mary’s from Detention Centers).
every gift helps!