Good Morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church! 

 Today Sunday, February 2 at 9 am and 12 noon – Informational Congregational Meeting. Come and learn about what is happening at St. Mary’s! Bring your questions and comments. Find out how the Search for a New Rector is going and what to expect next!- Learn about the Rectory Renovation and the Robert D. Jones Memorial Shelter – Renovation on the Rectory has begun! Temperature forecast in the balmy upper 30s and lower 40s! ~Bring your questions and comments. All are Welcome!           You should get home in plenty of time for the Super- bowl. All are welcome!                          

 Absalom Jones Festival Eucharist Saturday, February 8, 10:30 a.m.  At the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Celebration of the life and work of the first African-American ordained as priest in the Episcopal Church. Those wishing to attend in a group from St. Mary’s, meet at OUR church at 9:00am to walk over together with our St. Mary’s banner!

Sunday, Feb. 9th:  Parish Hall Basement Opening! The Parish Hall basement office that used to house CUCS has had its floor rebuilt because after 100+ years, it was beginning to sink.  On Sunday during coffee hour, this space will be open to the congregation for viewing and inspection. This beautifully and newly renovated office space is now ready for a new tenant. Come see!

 VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS FOR SALE!  need sweet nothings for your loved ones?  handmade valentine’s day gifts will be on sale at coffee hour on sunday, february 9th.  hand-printed cards, silk sachets, heart-embroidered felted bowls, fancy soaps, and some chocolatey treats, too!  a portion of the sale proceeds will benefit st. mary’s church.  SPREAD THE LOVE!                                                                               HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 

 The Mardi Gras Masked Ball is March 1, 2014, Food, cash bar, great dance band, entertainment, raffles. Masks Required (available at the door or bring your own!) Tickets will be available online, through fellow St. Mary’s members or at the door.  Great way to get rid of those winter blues! So Mark your calendars, tell your friends and get involved. We need lots of willing hands to make this another unforgettable evening for St. Mary’s. Please see Lisa slocum to see how you can help out. 

 The fundraising committee needs YOU!  Is there an event we’ve done over the last three or four years that you’d like to organize & make sure happens in 2014?  We will supply any info on how we’ve done it (including contacts, etc.) and a bunch of helpful volunteers, too.  but our organizers are pooped!  please come help us!!!

St. Mary’s is participating in the Feinstein Challenge! In 2014, the Feinstein Foundation is giving $1 million to organizations that are fighting hunger. From March 1 to April 30, any donation that you give to help the hungry at St. Mary’s will help St. Mary’s raise additional money from the Feinstein Foundation. The Feinstein Foundation will distribute the $1 million proportionately among participating organizations according to how much money they raise for the Feinstein Challenge. How to help – from March 1 to April 30, when you give a donation to St. Mary’s for the Food Pantry, Saturday Outreach, Urban Garden, Ecclesia. Or Cropwalk, note on your envelope or the check the purpose of the donation and add “Feinstein Challenge”. In May, we will send our donation totals to the Feinstein Foundation. Any money that we receive from the Feinstein Foundation will go to our mission for the hungry. 

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