Good Morning and welcome to St. Mary’s Church! 

 Today Sunday, February 16, please give a worm welcome to our guest    preacher for Interfaith Power & Light National Preach-In on Climate                                                                         Change.                                                                                       Our guest preacher, Steve Knight, a Green Faith fellow and advocate for green divestment, has been working with Liz, including a site visit, to prepare for his Sunday with us. Steve has also offered to give an adult education forum after the service on proposals for divestment, but I am not sure whether we have accepted that invitation.

 Sunday February 23, is St. Mary’s Annual Poetry Sunday Readings, do you have a favorite poem you’d like to read let Radford Arindell know at Put “Poetry Sunday” in the Subject line.  He’ll put you on the reading list for Feb 23, 10: am service,

Also, Feb 23, is our Vestry members Meeting, meeting start at 12: noon, all are welcome

SPANISH -GOTHIC MARDI GRAS. Food, cash bar, great dance band, entertainment, raffles. Masks Required (available at the door or bring your own!) Tickets will be available online, through fellow St. Mary’s members or at the door.  Great way to get rid of those winter blues! So Mark your calendars, tell your friends and get involved. We need lots of willing hands to make this another unforgettable evening for St. Mary’s. Please see Eva Green to see how you can help out After all this Winter Weather, a Party is just What You Need!!.                                                                                                       

The fundraising committee needs YOU!  Is there an event we’ve done over the last three or four years that you’d like to organize & make sure happens in 2014?  We will supply any info on how we’ve done it (including contacts, etc.) and a bunch of helpful volunteers, too.  but our organizers are pooped!  please come help us!!!

 Saturday Outreach & Ecclesia (1st & last Sunday of every month) we need vehicle support to bring food to East Harlem. Anyone with a driver’s license or a car, please help!                                                        

Do you LOVE to sing and praise the Lord God? Why not join St. Mary’s Choir!! Please pray on it… and then see Janet Dorman, our Choir Director. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 5-7 pm and Sundays before the service. The Worship Committee also welcomes input on hymn selection.


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